Her1 attorneys discussed it with her & informed her that her only solution was to fly to Pluto.

“Ertuwert Ut-achun Urch Urst2,” said 1 o’ the attorneys as she revolved her visage, her words roughly translated as, “The Urst government will surely lock you up.”

So her attorney snuck her into a bright car3 & sped her off to a distant field, where she was snuck onto a rocket to be sent to Pluto.

Even far into the launch, when she was confirmed that her exit wouldn’t be stopped by the government, she held tightly to her seat, for she had no idea what worse trouble she could find herself in on Pluto.


1 Jupiterians actually have 8 genders; but the general tendency is to translate those that start with the “U” sound as female & those that start with the “O” sound as male. The woman described here & her attorney are actually different genders—an Use & Uppera, respectively.

2 Transliteration follows Salisbury convention.

3 These are technically different—they’re called “Arvas” & operate by moving underground prongs attached to the bottom o’ the car, sort o’ like stick puppets. The roads were also usually plastic-white, as well as most o’ their cities, which ‘splains why they would want to use a bright vehicle.


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