Sell Jupiter ‘Stead—Its Price Is Starting to Decline.

Li’l did Elat realize that the lawyers she took to be on her side had only aimed to sell her as a slave to some “cheerful” Plutoan. Though they probably hoped she wouldn’t overhear their agreement with the Plutoan they met, what they failed to realized was that she could very well comprehend Cracjac.1

She didn’t dare try ‘scaping, having heard the kind o’ violence Plutoans were capable o’ enacting gainst the hated Jupiterians; however, when they finished speaking, she was surprised to not see the Plutoan put any force field over her @ all. He2 simply turned & went, leaving her ‘hind.

She confronted her lawyer ’bout it, only to be told that the Plutoan had only purchased her name—her trademark. He would simply be able to use her name & likeness for whatever ads3 he wanted.


1 Transliteration o’ Cracjac follows Stumpher method.

2 Similar to with Jupiterians, Plutoans have 3 genders, 2 o’ which are customarily translated as “male,” with the other translated as “female.” The Plutoan’s specific gender is “Toc.”

3 The Plutoan word is “tad,” which is borrowed directly from the English word (Cracjac “T” sound is much quieter than customary English “Ts” & are usually used before vowel sounds when borrowing words from other languages that start with vowels, as Cracjac has no syllables that start with vowels).

Note that, technically, there is a Cracjac word—“crunret,” which roughly translates to “info shown,” that used to be used for ad-type content; but it has fallen into archaism in the past centuries.


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