Not an Olive Branch

They all stood round the 476-ringed stump that was the official table o’ the office o’ WWPO,—the Wasabi Woods Protection Organization—chattering their buck teeth & swinging their curved tails back & forth. The day o’ this announced meeting was Sunday.

WWPO ne’er had meetings on Sundays.

& then their Executive Leader, Madame Macadamia, set on the table the source for this untimely meeting & everyone understood: ’twas a white cedar branch.

Wasabi Woods ne’er had white cedars.

But they knew what did have white cedars: Worcestershire Woods right ‘side Verditropolis; & ’twas from here that everyone knew that the road had already been paved toward that unstoppable, incomprehensibly expensive war…


Chairwoman, Forestry, Stick