Apart Meant

“I still can’t see it, Madame…” 1 o’ the publics said ‘hind cobalt binoculars.

“The clock still hasn’t struck 6 AM,” barked back General Sout.

So they waited an hour, during which a purple-pink light rose from the hill @ which they stared, slowly spreading o’er the gradually-clearing blue.

“¡O! ¡There it is!” exclaimed the public.

There before their eyes seemed to sneak the sight o’ a stiff but steady wooden apartment with a freshly-painted white shell & olive-colored doors. The rosy light ‘hind it seemed to emphasize its shadowy face.

“¡Let’s go, folks!” shouted General Sout as she began charging forward.

The publics all followed. It took no time for them to bust down the door & apprehend Nort the Natumencer.


Apartment, Ephemeris, General