Ham-Ham Housebreak

“¡You’ll ne’er get ‘way with this, you Jerk-E!”

Kad cackled & twisted his moustache as he held the sunflower seed bag to himself with 1 arm while the other held a spray gun up to the preacher before him.

“I told you, Hamdover:—Haste-Q, gramps; I don’t have all day—give me the house, & I’ll cancel the marriage.”

Hamdover turned to his house, its pink plastic seeming to glow under the low afternoon sun. A plastic doctor sat stiffly, tilted, on the plastic couch in the middle, staring blankly into space.

Then they heard the knob turn & raced back to their cage.

“…only have 1 sheet o’ pre-algebra, nothing else,” said the fleshy creature that walked in.

Kad snapped his paw. “Always interrupts our work.”


Hamster, Marriage, Title