The Sunny Side

People always wondered why Tom only e’er rode during the night.

Unfortunately, 1 fateful Thursday the 19th, they’d learn the awful truth…

Tom chugged in cool sweat during the last cracks o’ the evening to make it to the station before sunup, after a delay caused by piles o’ bamboo left on his tracks.

He made it to the station just as a thin light o’ yellow began to rise from the tops o’ the eastern mountains. Tom bit his lips as the people stepped off & dispersed, keeping his face crouched under the shade o’ a fir.

However, it wouldn’t be safe for long: soon the sun moved the shade, revealing his face to the world: a hideously wide plastic slasher smile that couldn’t move no matter how hard he tried, won from necessary surgery after smashing into a rock wall years ago.

Now people dispersed much mo’ quickly…


Sunshine, Thomas, Tram