What a Scrub

Ardath grumbled to himself, This’ll take fore’er. Why can’t I just use the machine…

He kept swinging his whip, cursing below his breath when he saw 1 o’ the Sponge Muttons gallop in the opposite direction in which he wanted it to go.

Still so many spots were covered in tomato sauce—spots that he just couldn’t get the Sponge Mutton to move o’er.

“That’s it,” he grunted as he climbed o’er the fence.

Bad idea. He march toward the spot with a leaky rag in-hand was halted when he saw the Sponge Mutton all gallop toward him.

All that was left o’ him were the echoes o’ his screams. He was completely scrubbed out.


Whip, Sponge, Wool