What made the game slightly harder was the fact that the basketball always released a vein-clogging scream whenever ’twas dribbled onto the the shiny steel floor. & then, e’en if one stopped dribbling, it’d keep whimpering on & on. The only way one could soothe it was to finally throw it into one’s opposite basket; however, this relief didn’t last long, for it’d always just land back onto the ground.

They tried everything: they put a soft cushion under the basket. But the cushion, in such a humid steel cave in which they all dwelled, would eventually sneeze & drop the basketball.

So they had no choice but to keep dribbling the basketball & tossing it into the basket, o’er & o’er, for eternity, just so the basketball could feel half a second o’ relief after every minute or so o’ agony.


Basketball, Bellows, Sneeze