Crib Notes

“You brought the data, ¿correct?” Helen Bridges said as she looked up @ the rest o’ the chairmen with her patented onyx eyes.

1 o’ the chairmen coughed nervously & then said, “Yes, Madame.” As he reached his arm holding a sheet o’ colored boxes out he added, “As you can see by this chart, adding radishes ups the nutritional value by 10%.”

Bridges reached her arm out her bars & took the paper. She nodded silently as she stared @ it.

“¿& you brought the product?”

“Yes, Madame.”

The chairman held out an open container o’ mashed radishes. Bridges took it, scooped a bit o’ it with a finger, & then tasted it, opening & closing her mouth repeatedly afterward.

After a minute’s breathless pause, she held the container back out o’ her bars & said, “Needs a li’l mo’ radishes. Can’t taste it much.”

The chairman nodded as he took the container. “Yes, Madame.”


British, Crib, Executor