‘Tween Hard Places

E’en after years in the work, Asudem still every so oft would feel the quail o’ guilt; but every 2 weeks she’d take up the earnestly-asked-for task &, mo’ importantly, the large sums o’ money in return. None e’er grudged giving her the money up-start: in almost a decade she’d ne’er given a customer anything less than they wanted.

So customer # lost count leaves the stuffed head o’ a peacock he shot in Parmesan Plain for 2 weeks, expecting her to spend the majority o’ those 2 weeks painstakingly carving the blocks o’ rock she kept round her studio for appearances.

Then, when the customer had left, she’d spend 12 days playing Castlevania III, & then press her ear to the stuffed head on the 13th day to turn it to stone in 1 second.


Peacock, Stone, Stuff