“I don’t see it anywhere.” Humberto was ’bout to cry.

“It’s there. Keep looking, lazy,” Pia said ‘hind a wide grin.

But Humberto spun all round the tree 7 times & still saw nothing but the same random patterns o’ bumps & crevices.

“I’m going to tell mom.” Humberto’s face flushed with anger.

Pia threw her head back & blew on her hair. “Fine. Look here.”

She bent down & pointed @ a root. Humberto craned his head to look.

“I don’t see anything.”

“¿Are you blind? It says `Basil'”

“That’s no fair. It’s not fault you can’t write worth crap.”

Before Pia had a chance to reply, Humberto was already running back inside to retrieve his loosened from Pia’s hiding place in the kitchen Basil bottle.

My tooth fairy wish is safe now, he thought.

But he thought wrong…


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