Der Gesundheitscanner

This HealthScan2480 positioned in this station for this hospital spent much o’ its free time ruminating ’bout 2 flaws in the programming which its unknown parents imbued into it: 1. That they made it cognizant @ all–unnecessary, it thought; 2. That it was gay.

So ’twas just its luck that it’d be setup for a gynecology station…

This by itself was no big problem; the true problem was being surrounded by dozens o’ other stations with the same job, but without its particular “glitch,” where it had to roll its metaphorical eyes @ the jock talk its fellows traded in regards to particular scans they received, & worse, the ribbing that ne’er went violent, but did become tedious after the millionth time, when they caught onto his disinterest & the obvious implications this held.


Gynaecology, Insurance, Printer