Das Bankbuch & die Bestechung

Detective Hertmoonz rolled his piggy eyes as he watched Morhauses hover o’er the cow hide with his mousy nose in his magnifying glass bigger than his head.

“I tell you, Sir: deduction tells us it must be under here.”

After minutes o’ him peering o’er the hide @ every conceivable angle & repeating this 8 times, he finally pulled back the cow hide. There was nothing ‘neath.

But Hertmoonz let Morhauses wander ’bout for maybe ‘nother half hour, till Hermoonz got hungry, till he subtly hinted to Morhauses that the ruby was hid in the bankbook–which Hertmoonz discovered through bribing the security guard who kept it on tape & didn’t say a word ’bout it due to being bribed by the thief.


Bankbook, Jewelry, Rawhide