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Due Process

Courtesy Openclipart.

Ram looked off into the empty space, eyes sagging. The words round him bounced off into blurriness. All he could see was the question, “¿How did I fall to this depth?”

“¿Minister Ram?”

Ram shook his head. He stared off @ all the fancy-dressed faces peering into him with their thick glasses, looking bizarrely dimwitted in their high education.

Ram nodded. “Uh huh. I understand.”

“¿Then how do you vote, Minister? ¿Yea or nay?”

Ram took a deep breath. “Yea.”

The others stared @ him with surprise–but not frowning. The lead, with a positive jerk o’ his head said, “Good. We have a 60% majority then…”

Ram felt his stomach churn as their words blurred ‘gain. He knew the people he sometimes pretended were his friends would be irate @ this backstab. But they already had him now. & there was no going back.

Originally Created:

2016 August 19


Cabinet, Convert, Ram


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