Fermin stared down @ the sand, only to notice the ants marching in a line & to be reminded o’ his rumbling stomach.

You can’t keep putting off dinner; it’s bad for your health to not eat.

He sighed, & then rose.

He giggled @ the oddity as he pulled a cat-pelt piece o’ pantyhose out o’ his pocket.

But he forced himself to calm down as he reached Del’s sleeping body & bent down next to him.

You have 1 chance…

I 1 jerk, he swung the pantyhose round Del’s neck & twisted, causing Del’s eyes to pop open & his tongue to spurt out. He stopped 5 minutes later & then waited 10 minutes to check Del’s pulse, which was empty.

Fermin wiped the dust from his hands as he stared down @ Del’s corpse, only wishing e’en mo’ that he had a knife.

Well, we have to start somewhere…

Fermin reached toward Del’s face & began to peel back the skin toward his mouth.


Abyssinian, Dinner, Pantyhose