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Every Rose Has Its…

Courtesy Openclipart.

The worst thing ’bout needing to be careful was the need to be careful ’bout not looking too careful.

Son o’ Toucan stood @ the other end o’ the main stage in a sleek tuxedo…

¡& such a thorny rose!

She gulped. No backing out. We’re gonna act normal.

She stepped up to Son o’ Toucan, took the rose from his lapel, lifted it to her face, & sniffed. Then she set it back to the sound o’ cheers.

‘Twas only as she walked ‘way from the stage that she allowed her smile to fall & her chest to heave in boredom, only to stop when she saw swift movement. She looked down & saw a tiny red puddle.

Then she rushed to the bathroom & gasped when she saw her face.

Originally Created:

2016 August 30


Marriage, Preparation, Wife


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