Die Debatte

Image by Dinh Khoi Nguyen from Pixabay

On this episode o’ “Mutual Discharge,” Pompadour & Duck Butt debate o’er the most significant issue o’ our time: what will be the flag o’ Thistown under its new leaders.

“I think it should stay its original oniony self, since people are used to that, & it’s only moccasin-wearing elites who have the time to learn a new flag,” said Duck Butt.

“I disagree. I think we need to change it to a tiny sun surrounded by 2 blue rectangles, since our models that that works well in ‘nother country,” said Pompadour. “& our models show that, given the equality o’ info, people shouldn’t have trouble @ all.”

“Pompadour is a septicitic & not a team player,” Duck Butt said with crossed arms.

“Duck Butt is a dangerous ‘lone wolf & will devour all our gingerbread,” said Pompadour.

¡Now it’s up to you to decide! Join us next time as we fiercely debate the hot issue o’ whether or not Minister Amanda Stairwell is too fat.


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