Jimmy Stars

This would make them friends with him once & for all.

He rushed to his phone to call them to come to his observatory, & then rushed out into the windy night & stared up @ the stars with his hookshot in-arm.

“You’re just jimmying out faces, Jimmy,” said the 1st jerk to arrive.


He shoot the hook straight up, not @ the moon, but @ the brightest star visible in the sky. It took a few minutes, but it ‘ventually locked onto something. He muttered, “¡Yes!” to the surprise o’ the others.

“He’s just making it up. Nothing happened.”

But they gasped when they saw him rise way up into the sky, shrinking in the distance till he couldn’t be seen @ all.

& from then on nobody doubted his prowess. He only wished he could be there to see it.


Friendship, Riser, Spectacle.