Faster than the Speed o’ Eternity

“¡Ahhh! ¿Who took them?”

Jae raced round the room.

“¿What’s wrong? ¿Why aren’t you leaving yet?”

Jae stopped before Soledad & threw his arms out.

“¡I can’t till I’m ready, & I can’t get ready till I wash, & I can’t wash till I shear my o’erlong spikes!”


So Jae continued running round the room in search for his shears for eternity, & is still there searching, in fact.

But after 1 eternity, Soledad asked, “¿Where were you last when you had them?”

“¡Obviously where it is, since it couldn’t walk by itself!”

‘Nother eternity, Soledad asked, “¿Where do you last remember having it?”

After 1 mo’ eternity, Jae will search there.


Hedgehog, Shears, Washbasin.