Mind Power

The clockmaster sat with his legs crossed ‘cross from the patient patient.

“Now, I want you to remember all the bad memories–all the ugliness. Remember it all,” he said with a thick ticking o’ his tongue.

“¿& you’ll help me get past them?” asked the patient patient.

“I’ll destroy them.”

So the patient patient spoke ’bout it all: all the muddy rivers, all the moonless nights under the shadows, all the piercing howls.

& in the climax, the clockmaster stood, walked o’er to the patient, & punched his fist into the patient’s head. A second after, the clockmaster wrenched his hand out, pulling out all the demons.

“250,000₧, please,” said the clockmaster as he sat back in his chair.


Gloves, Psychoanalyst, Weapon.