No County for Ol’ Godmen

Goduncle, ¿What’s going — ?

No time, the Goduncle snapped.

The Goduncle roamed round the small apartment building, picking up this & that — mostly clothes & bills in drawers — & throwing them into a briefcase while the Godnephew stood watching him in confusion.

Finally the Goduncle stopped back @ the briefcase & shut it. However, before he could move ’gain, the Godnephew put his hands on the Goduncle’s hands to stop him.

¿Who’s after us?

The Goduncle raised his voice. You know who — the only 1 who could scare me out o’ the entire county. The Goduncle shook the Godnephew off & stormed out.

The Godnephew blinked for a few stunned seconds, & then followed the Goduncle out.


drawer, county, uncle