There’s No Noose like Produce

When Abram Royer 1st entered the produce section o’ the local FredMart, it looked so small & innocent — he’d find his pickled mushrooms in minutes.

But the farther he ventured in, the mo’ it seemed to grow round him, till he was kilometers in & still couldn’t see an end in sight. ’Twas nothing but shelves o’ apples, oranges, bananas, & millions o’ other fruits, many o’ which he’d ne’er e’en seen before, on 1 side & refrigerated shelves o’ lettuce, cabage, cucumbers — an uncountable variety o’ light greens, dark greens, & purples — on the other. He kept looking back, only to see the sections he’d past stretch back as far as can be seen, turning break-neck just a few meters, but threatening kilometers mo’.

He had an ill omen that if he tried going back, he’d find that there was no back anymo’, but just an infinite produce section the stretched in the other direction.


grocery, extent, appearance