Ne’er Commit… Crime

The pale-skinned robber was dressed in all black, from the hood o’ his black jacket to his sagging black jeans. The only variance was the silver cross that dangled from a chain round his neck, gleaming in the exquisite evening light. Said light didn’t deter his break-in.

He did stop & turn, though, when he saw the owner o’ the manor, also pale-skinned & in black, but much older, with a receding hairline, & dressed in a tuxedo with coatails that stretched out so much, they looked like a cape.

The owner, seeing the robber, raised a hand & becknoned him forward. Come. Come.

But the man in black raised his iron pistol @ the owner, causing the owner to shrink back into the shadows with a shriek.

Give me your valuables, or I’ll put this bullet in your brain.

The owner lowered his head just ’nough to look @ the robber, but still cringed @ the sight o’ the gleaming metal. If you insist. Come with me. I will give you something mo’ valuable than anything any mere mortal has.

The robber smirked but followed the owner down into the basement all the same.

No one e’er saw that robber after that night… a’least, none who lived afterward.


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