We Are What We Eat

’Twas on an October afternoon o’ her 11th year that Leola decided she wanted to become a reality chef.

She & her mother had just come home from the library, where, ’mong other books, Leola had picked off the shelf @ a whim a book on the most famous chefs, & she immediately went to her room & spent the rest o’ the day & evening reading ’bout the chefs who made Mt. Everest through centuries o’ blending Stormy Street ice cream, lemon halibut, vanilla extract, & various other rare inredients, or the chefs who baked Death Valley for decades, while sprinkling on the lettuce leaves that would grow into cacti & the bread crumbs that would grow into bovine skeletons.

She was remembering that all now, in her 18th year, as she walked toward her chemistry class, her 1st on her 1st day @ BU.


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