The Royal Tea

Image by pizar almaulidina from Pixabay

On a rainy night, the not-so-young-anymo’ woman heard a knock. ’Pon opening the door, she saw an official in the indigo robes o’ the Castle.

King Wisteria heard through the drips o’ his all-reaching grapevines the fellows you met with last night. We want to come in & meet with you tonight on our king’s behalf.

The woman nodded. But we can’t talk without tea.


It took less than 5 minutes for her to prepare a special brand o’ tea for all the officials. They were courteous ’nough to wait till their 1st sip to begin talking ’bout her crimes, after which she bogged them down with arcane legal loopholes, so that before they had a chance to rise ’gain, they had collapsed onto the ground.


appointment, protection, tea