the turning o’ the key

citizens o’ boskeopolis always wonder how things seem to change so suddenly. now you will learn the truth.

deep down in the bowels o’ the earth’s crust dwelled the office o’ turnkey & magic, a company that specializes in magical effects. down there a worker named maria, once she’s had her coffee, turns 1 o’ millions o’ levers to turn a piece o’ boskeopolis like a character in ¿guess who?, whether it be a fire hydrant, a mansion on a grassy hill, or e’en the sun or moon themselves. nothing is free from the gears o’ turnkey.

’course, turnkey is such a professional company that they only turn what their client requests, & would only possibly turn things for ill outcomes — turn firs into zombies, books into bats — if they were, for some reason, refused the compensation promised to them from boskeopolis’s parliament, as part o’ contract. “we ain’t evil” is their slogan, after all. that’s what e’eryone assures.


variation, town, employee