java catch ’em all

hadil was so close to fulfilling his lifelong dream: completing his collection o’ rhino roast coffee.

as o’ now there are 120 flavors o’ rhino & thruout the last 3 years hadil had been traveling the world, going store to store, picking up any flavor he hadn’t gotten before, as well as ordering a subscription to rhino magazine & going to official events & not only had he tracked down the rare flavors like melondew & bananabread, but also received the limited-time-offer mystery flavor given ’way only in the october 2022 issue o’ rhino monthly & arrived early to rhino’s special january 2023 event @ fredmart to ensure he was able to get 1 o’ the rare give’way “golden” flavor — which was just their regular dark roast, but in a golden package ’stead o’ their usual wisteria.

the only flavor hadil hadn’t been able to check off was grape. that was till today.

finally, @ a small kiosk store in the airport, while waiting to jump on a flight to argentina to check their stores, he found it — in the last place he expected. he double-took when he saw the words, thinking that his mind was playing tricks on him. but, no, there ’twas: “grape” in large, serif characters. he bought it without hesitation, skipped his flight, & rushed home to have a cup in celebration.

as it turned out, grape flavor was probably the most awful flavor hadil had tasted, — e’en worse than popcorn — but nothing could sour the taste o’ checking off that last box on his list & seeing the whole family all there on that top pantry shelf.


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