politics @ the dinner table

if you wanted to get your ideas heard by the lead o’ gall, great milliam, there was only 1 place: the damocles, the richest o’ restaurants that served only the rarest o’ dishes. there a gunner backson, sweating arrows, sat ’cross from the lead himself, sitting with a cool look in his eyes & in a prim but modest suit.

but gunner wasn’t looking @ him, but @ the menu, knowing full well that the choice he made would play a big part in how pleased the lead would be. he figured that ordering from the “presidential” menu, with the tagline, “¡elect what you like best!”, might please the lead best, since ’twas his idea to add this menu, but realized that there was also a trap to making a selection: ¿would the lead interpret choosing an “eye o’ alcorn” ( the presidential candidate, back when gall still had elections, who “cheated” milliam & won before the coup ) or a “heart o’ hearthorpe” ( someone who ran gainst milliam later, after the coup, but when elections still appeared to run, & had turned out to have “committed various forms o’ corrupt embezzlement” ) be taken as agreement with milliam’s “harsh but fair” punishment gainst them, or a stealth protest vote for them, & for the return o’ democracy to gall, which would possibly end up with his heart becoming the “heart o’ hearthorpe” for some lucky other patron to this fine establishment?

luckily, gunner knew the trick: he just asked the lead what he thought was best.

try the crab bisque soup, my good man.

& you can bet that gunner did just that.


president, menu, election