the rise & the fall o’ the republic o’ gall

the key to milliam’s rise was his decades’ long experience working in gall’s “keepers” society, a group all dressed in purple to hide them in the night, with secret shibboleths not e’en the president knew to identify fellow travelers.

while keepers were duty-bound to serve, not to rule, milliam had grander ambitions, specially after he managed to earn fame — a rarity for members o’ a clan whose main goal was to keep hidden — after saving the president’s life during an attack by rebels — tho some are skeptical that the attack was genuine & that milliam had it planned from the start, tho there is no evidence o’ any conspiracy. milliam @ 1st appeared to demur @ the attention the president insisted on giving him & acted with only modesty, as was expected o’ a keeper, but later, with much urging from some fellow keepers, as well as many patriotic citizens, ran for president & won in a landslide.

while some keepers expressed unease with rise to power o’ a keeper ( & some jealousy ), most keepers were pleased & were specially loyal to the new president, glad to see 1 o’ their own in such a position ( as well as the advantages in may bequeath ). ’twas a mix o’ this extra loyalty & milliam’s experience with secrecy & cutthroat tactics that allowed him to spread his influence o’er the republic o’ gall; & by the time citizens began to become wary o’ milliam’s power — & fret o’er the cost o’ the special privileges he gave to himself — & tipped their tastes toward the challenger, redd alcorn, milliam had already build for himself the leverage to nullify that legendary election & stifle all dissent.


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