get the show on the road

on a lonesome road, surrounded by nothing but yellow mountains on both sides & slowly drifting clouds ’bove, drive 2 trucks.

breaker, breaker, 5-4, this is debra waters speaking. i welcome you all to my show. we have for you a special guest, robert geiss, the famed architect for the i-7 highway going from perth to kurimori. robert, ¿do you read me?

loud & clear, debra. thank you for having me on your show.

robert, 10-4 has been asking where you got the inspiration for i-7’s famed 7-shape. ¿can you give us the dt, please?.

well, breaker, we were running into what we call a split vote on whether the east side should be in perth or somme, so we got ourselves a compromise to have it start in perth, go down to somme, & then continue west from there. ¿do you read me?.

i do, 1-2. i would like to thank you for coming on my show, robert.

’twas my pleasure, debra. thank you for having me on.

join us next time when we’ll have as our guest, tim coast, author o’ the book, how to find the optimal route that works for you. out.

& with that the road split, with robert’s truck taking the side path & debra’s continuing down the straight path. by this point the sun had set below the mountains & a waxing gibbous moon was rising, surrounded by a starry twilit sky.


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