professor dawn summers knew the solution was in triceratops fruit, a star-shaped soursweet fruit the color o’ blueberries & the size of one’s hand, found only in the dankest depths under the most modest o’ fallen boughs, under the loam that only the mushrooms & ants know, in hidden hollow.

legend — & mo’ importantly, peer-reviewed studies — say that the chemical reactions in this fruit can change the color of one’s breath, & that that color will reveal one’s inner temperament: thru blue breath the color o’ resting waves one reveals one’s calmness; in red smoke the color o’ burning coal one reveals one’s anger; in yellow air the color o’ dandelions one reveals one’s warmth & happiness; in purple aether the color o’ royal robes one reveals one’s beating heart o’ romance; in white clouds the color o’ flashes one reveals one’s anxiety & fear; & in black fog the color o’ steel one reveals one’s tiredness & stress.


finding, breath, food