chance o’ a ghost

gliosmar grasped genesis’s jacket & shivered thru her. ¿when will she get here?.

genesis looked @ the time on her apple watch. she said there was a holdup @ the train, but she’s on her way.

gliosmar’s wary eyes surveyed the mansion she had stupidly let genesis convince her to watch, waiting for any signs o’ unscientific behavior. they had been warned that e’ery muertoween the ghosts o’ the ol’ family would enter, hungry — but not hungry for food or flesh, but for the sweet sound o’ music. their employer had told them that only a professional pianist o’ the caliber o’ melody fischer could calm these spirits back into their tombs.

’course, gliosmar had brought up all the problems that could arise — ¿what if madame fischer were to be too busy on muertoween to come in & play for them? ¿what if she were to have an accident? & genesis had grasped gliosmar’s shoulder & told her not to worry, e’erything would go as slick as oil, & like an idiot, gliosmar had let herself be convinced — ¡& now look what’s happened!


piano, protection, entertainment