time signature

irina ignas, lead singer o’ the crystal cats, stood there with the pallor o’ granite before that booth plastered all o’er with eir red-eyed feline logo, eyes jumping all round her surroundings to keep herself prepared. then she saw a bald figure in black shades & a leather jacket seem to make eye contact. before she knew it he was walking up to her booth. she held her breath, waiting to see if he would give her the password.

¿would you sign this t-shirt? the name’s hevel mehriban.

there it was. irina nodded, & then held her breath as she lifted her pen. the glyphs o’ her reply, an ancient chant that goes all the way back to the eldest o’ gods, had to be inked precisely.

& there, on that cotton slab with their logo on it, she wrote the words, “irina ignas, crystal cats, ¡rock on, hevel mehriban!”.


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