the moon landing

you’ve seen the sun set many times, i’m sure; ¿but have you seen the moon set?

that was what gilles odran was waiting for in that cold, desolate airport, wandering the seats back & forth, sitting down to read some trash thriller where a killer dresses up his corpses as marxmas trees, & checked his apple watch, watching the minutes slowly count down to midnight, &, ’course, looking up @ the sky to see that white ball slowly expand.

finally he saw it pick up its pace downward, swooping down in seemingly an instant. then gilles felt a quake so big it made the cigarette pop out o’ his mouth & onto the ground. gilles’s eyes were glued to the window as he watched the moon roll down the runway, & then, finally, crash into the pins patrolling the tunnel to bayline, disappearing into the darkness. with shaky fingers, gilles checked the pockets o’ his jacket to make sure his ruger was still in there, & then opened the door & went out toward the tunnel.


airport, setting, midnight