it’s not dealership, it’s digiorno

Courtesy Wikipedia. Public domain.

’twas a rainy day today in forestapoli, no surprise, when fina giosuè walked into the car dealership. the dealer was a slick speedspitter & showed her many sedans & minivans & suvs that were now going @ a once-in-a-lifetime deal, — that’s what he claimed a’least — talking up this car’s fuel efficiency, that car’s hifi speakers…

but fina knew what she needed in order to get into the “association” & realize her lifelong dream o’ wearing that furry rodential costume & handing out those colored tickets. she strode ’head o’ the loudmouthed dealer & wandered ’long the lines o’ cars, frown deepening as she saw nothing but silver, red, black, white…

& then she stopped, her heart beating fast. if you could see her eyes from ’hind her sunglasses you would see a gaping white galaxies with tiny black stars for pupils.

here was the car she needed: with its warm yellow color, its red circles, its black toruses, its tiny green rectangles, & its brown mushrooms.


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