i love it when you call me big papa

Image by J. J. W. Mezun. Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

as the property owner stared @ the deformed white lump, he asked, so, then, with this thing no longer in the ground, ¿my field will grow ’gain?.

i wish ’twere that simple, said the inspector. come, follow me.

as they drove into the city, the inspector asked, ¿have you e’er taken the straight line before?.


it’s pretty neat. it really cut down property prices when they began building the vertical layers.

the inspector parked in a parking garage & led him thru the fields o’ shiny cars into a different dark cave o’ cement, up to the door o’ an elevator. the inspector flashed her card o’er the front, pressed some buttons, & then the door opened & the inspector led him inside.

what was inside was not a small, empty room large ’nough to squeeze in only a few people, but a large square with windows — tho the windows only showed brown walls o’ sediment — & seats spread out under them. the inspector led him to a couple seats on the right & before long he could feel under his feet the elevator descend.

the tuber tumor didn’t just grow in your field. ’twas spread there by the one known as big papa, criminal mastermind o’ the undercities. to be honest, this was why we were interested in taking on inspecting your problem. we are currently trying to stop him from sabotaging people’s fields, & we are hoping that your testimony will help us.

¿but why is he trying to ruin people’s fields?.

his main commodity is real estate, but he’s trying to venture out into agriculture. he’s trying to ruin people’s fields so he can buy them cheap.


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