foreboding presents

in a tidy livingroom lit with the color o’ afternoon clouds sat the birthday girl, twitching with impatience, barely able to keep herself from ripping open the present plastered with dogs & cats sitting on her lap.

this 1’s from nerses, said her mother.

from the shadows crept the creature known as nerses, its pale long face nodding. the sight o’ this strange creature dowsed the birthday girl’s enthusiasm a bit, but not ’nough to keep her from opening her next present.

but years later she would wish that it had. she stared in confusion as she raised a heavy golden crown, & then inside it, a remote control. she looked up @ the creature known as nerses with a look o’ silent confusion.

without changing its expression, the creature known as nerses said in its cobweb-covered voice, i told you the time would come, & it has.


assumption, control, birthday