a star ( & satellite ) is born

o’ all the stories in ivywood, none is mo’ fascinating than the story o’ soluna, the celibria: a sun & moon conjoined by a strange rod, who had this inexplicable condition wherein when 1 grows, the other shrinks.

they started as street performers, showing anyone who would watch their special trick for donations, which soon blew up ¡gohury!, which caught the attention o’ what was then the biggest ivywood studio, freshmint, which, to be frank, like all o’ ivywood, was not the monster movie-maker it is now & was desperate for any talent it thought could go big. but as luck would have it, their 1st movie, sunshine & moonlight, became ivywood’s 1st big hit, grossing ’bout 500 million ₧.

soluna starred in a few mo’ films, but before long had grown disillusioned with the film industry &, mo’ importantly, fretted o’er the dangers o’ their growing & shrinking trick, so they retired & dedicated the rest o’ their lives to breaking off from their celibrian condition & fulfill the goal o’ celestial philosophy: to expand & rise into the stars.


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