the chemicals between us

onyxoctobioflaxtogen, you have been such a good chemical to me in these last few projects, said the chemist dawn summers. ¿what kind o’ gift would you like?.

the blue onyxoctobioflaxtogen turned red & said, o, it’s stupid.

don’t be silly: ask for anything.

i don’t want to say it out loud….

so dawn leaned o’er to the vial so she could hear its whispers in her ear & dawn smiled & said, that’s not stupid @ all; that’s sweet.

& then she went o’er to the green hydroniactecryolinux & whispered to it, ¿how do you feel ’bout being with onyxoctobioflaxtogen? & leaned o’er to hear the hydroniactecryolinux’s answer, & when she heard it, she took the onyxoctobioflaxtogen & poured it into the hydroniactecryolinux’s vial & they both swirled & joined together in the deepest o’ reds.


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