the mystery o’ the advertising squirrel

nobody could figure out what was causing the squirrel to start barking out advertisements for lumina-brand dog food out o’ nowhere — an incomprehensible curse that drove the squirrel nuts, not the least ’cause nobody believed them when they claimed ’twas involuntary.

nobody, that is, till e asked dr. equinox, who quickly discerned the cause: 1 o’ the peanuts the squirrel ate had in it a microad lodged into it. dr. equinox guessed ’was probably a malfunction in manufacturing. in any case, after operating on the cheek whence the sound emitted, dr. equinox was able to locate the section with the bad peanut & extract it.

& from then on the squirrel ne’er involuntarily barked advertisements e’er ’gain — tho the publicity o’ the whole affair did land the squirrel some lucrative promotions with royal’s soup & iris-brand apparel that they would bark, for a price.