ani lot & the breakfast factory

zah zanko, president o’ zanko’s breakfast factory, standing before the contestants in the middle o’ his personal bedroom, declared, find the golden toast & you will inherit my company.

& so the contestants looked in e’ery dresser drawer, under e’ery pillow, & in e’ery coat pocket in the closet, but none found the golden toast.

the ’lone exception was the contestant who seemed to not be present, ani lot, who disguised themself as a servant & asked zanko for his top hat to hang up, which he politely obliged. ani then searched the hat &, as expected, found the golden toast inside.

¡i award ani lot my company!, exclaimed zanko.

unfortunately, while ani lot was clever, they were not aware o’ the subtleties o’ social interaction & was unaware o’ the scheming machinations o’ their nephew, their next o’ kin, who would poison ani lot a week after they inherited the factory so that the nephew could have it for himself.