put your money where your mouth is

…but things turn less pleasant for our story o’ the advertising squirrel in 2024, where we run into the great tax scandal: it turned out that thruout the 5 years since the squirrel started their lucky promotional campaigns the squirrel had been taking a large portion o’ money under the table & hiding these funds in their deep cheeks. unfortunately for this squirrel, the boskeopoleon tax authorities were smarter than he expected & thought to search these very same cheeks, where they found mo’ than 50 million ₧.

& so the advertising squirrel would land 25 years in prison for tax evasion. they would eventually negotiate that sentence down to 5 years, but with e’en that # o’ years out o’ public view, the public would soon forget them. the advertising squirrel’s short career was essentially o’er.