chemical leak

the stranger had developed for herself a daily routine: e’ery morn so early ’twas still dark — specially now in the winter — she would jog up the street from her humble apartment, zigzagging up the same path o’ street corners, & stopping @ the corner o’ 24th & chestoberry st. to put a 500 in the news stand to pull out a copy o’ the enlightenment, the official state paper. then she would catch her breath & breathe in the crisp air o’ the freshly budding cherryblossoms as spring began to hatch & stroll down to her usual cafe to sit with her daily peanut butter mocha & read the story on page 3.

but as she did so that february day, she almost dropped her coffee & almost choked on it as it began to run down her throat. she looked mo’ closely @ the words before her & saw the magic word: “agathokakological”. there was no question: there was no other reason why she — she knew ’twas her friend, the editor @ the enlightenment — would use the word. she felt her flesh drown in sweat, only to become aware that she was in public & was possibly being watched & calmed herself & forced herself to read the letters going down the left column & there stood out to her the words she sought: “cumin bohrium velium”.

she stood & began to rush for the door, only to think better o’ it & slow her pace. this time after she went out the door, she didn’t go back the path whence she came back to her humble apartment, but headed for the decrepit mall where there now dwelled in the darkest corners the underground, where the stranger’s comrades were waiting breathlessly to learn the ingredients the government used to make their electroneutralizing bomb to suck up all electrical currents within a 100-km radius. as the stranger strolled down this new trail, whistling to herself, she thought wryly, looks like they’re finally going to see some o’ that competition they claim they love so much….


stranger, news, recipe