heart attack

frig radka stopped when she started feeling a tingling in her teeth. she knew what that meant: she sniffed & smelled the soggy scent o’ precipitation. her eyes had widened. ¿was it that time o’ the year already?

she searched round the city & jogged to the nearest eave, only letting herself stop to catch her breath when she was sure she was fully concealed. her heavy beating heart only stirred panic e’en mo’. she felt round her count & head, wondering if anything had gotten her.

she watched with wary eyes the arrows begin drilling down. with a grim frown she saw citizens in the vicinity get struck & then get glazed-eyed & gets sweaty & get shaky & turn to each other, complete strangers, & creep toward each other & then finally begin wrapping their appendages round each other & attaching their maws together while frig gripped the cracks ’tween the bricks.


tooth, love, atmosphere