¡see you ladder!

nobody believed chicken medium when he warned that the ladders o’ currency would fall & that the rivers o’ money would dry up, but now that people were seeing it right before their eyes, people believed it.

well, most people believed it: some still harbored suspicions that the ladders that had seemed to have fallen were fakes staged to contrive chaos & weaken & control the populace & that either the true invisible ladders still held sturdy or that the ladders ne’er held up the great exchange express, but that it held itself up by itself, impervious to gravity, & that the rivers that had seemed to have dried up were but charades, & that the true rivers were still lurking underground, that the true ladders dug down into the sturdy earth, not up toward the tempestuous sky, hidden by the mysterious extraterrestrial forces who truly ran the operation. boats full o’ money was spent on highly-publicized — both by true believers & amused tourists — excavations, tho none o’ these secret rivers or ladders had been found. & yet, according to most visible influencers, each failed excavation was but the key to a new clue that brought us closer to unlocking these mysteries.


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