money talks

meanwhile, while chicken medium was able to acutely predict the falling o’ the ladders & the drying o’ the rivers, he could not explain why it happened beyond abrupt itches in his stomach or chills in the air, nor how to re-erect & refill them & the most accredited lucrelogists would spend years picking @ their sauerkraut salads & squabbling o’er the causes thru archaic pictographic languages that few outside their shrouded caves could decipher.

with a dour expression, niĉjo ismat lead the discussion: the inevitable conclusion is 1 none want to admit, for it is too dreadful to acknowledge, but is the truth as hard & cold as coal: half with starve & the population will shrivel in equilibrium with the rivers till they are below what the capacity o’ what we have left will hold.

with disgust, bertie nanda retorted, this is but sufferfetishing. ¿why are we pretending we do not know the solution to this problem? we do not need to wait for mystical forces to rebuild our ladders & refill our rivers — we cannot, in fact, for they will not do so. ¿are we not capable o’ building ladders & filling rivers? ¿have we not, in fact, created much grander things? if we can send people into the nether galaxies, rebuilding better ladders is but cakebakery.

o, but you have it backward, bertie, interjected ranya lore: it is, in fact, precisely the great mysterious forces beyond that are our only hope & it has been our hubris & ignorance of our reliance on these forces that has laid this curse upon us.

then 1 o’ the most respected, yasemin thalia, stood up & declared, ¡i tell you that this is no crisis @ all, but, in fact, a great boon, if we only renounce that great mistake that was basing our existence on imperative programming, where that root o’ all evil & suffering, time, holds us tyrant, but realize that this tyrant time is but a foolish delusion & that the great droughts that we seem to see before us are repaid twice o’er by the greater floods, which we would have access to already if we were to finally abandon our pitiful time & charge onward into the infinite future!.

while some rubbed their chins in fascination, many others scoffed & waved a wing, an attitude that was not ameliorated by the haughty tone madame thalia took, & the colony would soon sever into those who lasered their focus on the correctness o’ thalia’s theory, — tho, the other side would note, ne’er on how one could put such a theory into practice — while the other half continued cycling thru their stale theories like seasons.


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