writ by winners

Courtesy Pixabay. CC0 Public Domain.

while the fools slashed sword gainst shield & showered themselves in arrows like people trying to drain the sea with teacups, pepca pekko slunk ’long the curtains after the machine that would drain the sea in a second: while the whole kingdom was distracted with their war, they had left the most important weapon o’ the kingdom vulnerable to the only one wise ’nough to seek it.

& so empty was the chamber deep ’neath the castle where there sat the great tome ’pon which all history had been inked, & ’pon which pepca would now leave her imprint, canonizing her as the next in the bloodline & the 1 ’hind all the public works that the people loved so much. while the neice & nephew swung their swords manually, pepca was now generating a whole army o’ soliders who would swing her sword for her.


history, control, perception