nationwide sale

it’s finally here: the blue nation system collector’s edition, a series o’ beautiful countries spanning 1 million km, rich with sharp mountain ranges that become snowy in the winter & are perfect for skiing, lush forests, & fresh rivers full o’ the tastiest fish in the world. ¿looking for a serene vacation spot for the summer? the beaches o’ southern jyalla are the perfect place to sleep or swim.

& you can have this all for only 1 trillion ₧.

but you’ll have to order soon, as this is a limited-time offer: there are only 20 in the blue nation system, & once they’re taken, there won’t be any mo’, ¡so order now! ¡just call 1-800-679-1485 — that’s 1-800-679-1485 — & have your own nation to call your own!


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