the raise

Image by J. J. W. Mezun. Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

sir juancho heard a knock on his door.

come in, he called out.

the door opened & in came a young girl o’ 8 with his curly black hair. i hope i not late for this meeting, she said.

you are right on time, madame.

madame juancho stepped in, closing the door ’hind her, & then took a seat & sat down, smoothing out the creases in her baby-blue train pajama pants.

you understand why i requested this meeting, ¿correct?, said the young girl.

while looking thru his papers, sir juancho said, i believe it had something to do with the dinner options we offer here.

madame juancho nodded. yes. now, i understand that removing all vegetables & giving me nothing but oreos is off the table. i understand that we have a certain minimum nutritional quota we must make. but i would like to request that we replace the green beans with spinach & replace the broccoli with brussel sprouts & lean a bit mo’ toward carrots. for the former 2, i would still be receiving the same amount o’ dark & light greens & i think a bit more orange would actually improve my nutrition with better variety. ¿did you see the chart i emailed you regarding the nutritional benefits o’ carrots?.

sir juancho lifted a paper. i did see it. i agree that these changes should have no negative affect on your nutrition & we will look into carrying out these requested changes. we of course do not want dinners to feel burdensome & understand the reality that a mo’ pleasurable dinner than is has good nutritional value is better than the most nutritional dinner that is intolerable to eat. ¿do you have any further questions?.

madame juancho hesitated before finally saying, i was wondering if i could get a 3% raise on my time & get my bedtime extended from 10 pm to 10:30.

sir juancho began rubbing his chin.

madame juancho hurried to add, i think we found in last quarter’s performance review that my grades were above average & you did tell me to bring up the subject later.

sir juancho nodded. yes, i agree. ok, i think i can agree to a trial extension & see how it affects productivity. ¿does this all sound good?.

it sounds great. ¡thank you!.

madame juancho stood & shook sir juancho’s hand & wished him a good evening.


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